Japan Vegetarian Society (Authorized NPO organization)


  Our society was established in 1993, we are one of the oldest vegetarian society existed in Japan. Our credo is "To Consider the health for the mankind and the planet earth" and has been actively involved with health issues, nutrition, environment, bioethics and supporting the developing countries around the world. Also, we are active in people's awareness for vegetarianism in Japan, we hold many seminars and activities to teach, learn and share the knowledge nationwide with a large numbers of health-conscious people who are interested in vegetarianism/veganism. Currently we have 2700 registered members from Hokkaido region to Okinawa region.


In 2020, our activities has been recognized by the city of Osaka as highly-beneficial to the society, we were granted the title of "Authorized NPO"


We are determined from now on to spread this ever-healthy lifestyle of vegetarianism for the people, animals and the planet earth.


 Our history

1993    JPVS was established with 75 original members.

1996    Dr. Kakimoto was assigned as scholarly director for IVU

2000    Establishment of Japanese Society for Vegetarian Research with experienced scholars.

2001     Obtained NPO organization.

2006    Launched JPVS Vege/Vegan foods recommendation system.


2008    Wrote a chapter for "Overseas Tourists Manual" produced by the  Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

2009    Launched "Meat Free Monday" by the Nobel award winner.

2012    Started "Advisor course" recognized by Japanese Society for Vegetarian Research.

2012    Together with Vegetarian Society in UK, JPVS was introduced on  an article for Asahi News Paper.

2013     JPVS award was given to Mr. Paul McCartney.

2014    Hearings for "International Standard for Vegetarian Ingredients"     by Minister of Agriculture.

2016     Launched "Japan Vegetarian Award"

2018     Supervised for "Chugoku-region Vegetarian Guide Map (English)" by Minister of Transport.

2018     Given a seminar at "Overseas Tourists Reception Manual" for the  city of Tokyo.

2019     Joined a vegetarian party at the Indian Embassy commemorating  the 150th anniversary of Gandhi's birth.

2019     Joined the congressmen group to promote Vegetarian/Vegan  guidelines.

2020   Became the authorized NPO by the city of Osaka as being an highly-beneficial organization to the society.

2020     Introduced by worldly renowned VegNews.

2020     Supervised "Narita Airport Handbook 2020"

2020    Supervised "Foreign Tourists Support APP" by Japan Railway, Co,ltd. (JR)

2020     Declaration of Japan Vegetarian Society SDGs 2020

2021 Became a team leader for the establishment of Vegetarian/Vegan JAS certification project.

2022 The Vegetarian/Vegan JAS certification. Which has been proposed by our society was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

2023 Our society (JPVS) has been officially authorized as a JAS certification agency.


If you are interested in joining us, please contact to;

JPVS (Japan Vegetarian Society/Authorized NPO)

Office: 5-7-25-505 Nishinakajima, Yodogawaku, Osaka-city, Osaka-fu


Tel/Fax 06-6868-9860 (country code 81)

email: jpvs.office@gmail.com

Website: http://www.jpvs.org/